Sewing Machine Maintenance

Sewing Machine Maintenance-Oiling and Cleaning

A sewing machine Maintaining is considered to be a necessity for all sewing machine owners. When speaking of How to clean a sewing machine, then there’s a lot that you need to consider under this topic. Maintaining a sewing machine is just as important as cleaning it.

The machinery of any sort needs maintenance, cleaning, and servicing. If you do not take care of your machinery on a regular basis, it is more likely that you will result in having your machinery not working anymore.

Therefore, you should save some time off your precious time and schedule a monthly or weekly clean up depending on the usage of your machine and often lints build up. In this article, we are going to discuss the key factors that you need to know for cleaning your sewing machine and maintaining it. Stay tuned till the end and hopefully, you will be able to get a guide.

The First Step for Maintenance – Cleaning

Cleaning is the first and foremost step that you should prioritize before anything else. The key to having a long-lasting service for the sewing machine is to maintain proper hygiene for it. Now, the question that arises is that How to clean a sewing machine? Well, that’s very simple and I will break down the steps for you.

At first, you need to gather up your tools. Such as:

  • A clean towel
  • A brush for cleaning
  • A small Pipe Cleaner

After you’ve gathered your cleaning items the next step would be to get into cleaning mode. Take your brush and start dusting off the surface of the sewing machine. A lot of dust and dirt can build up there. The dust on the outer surface of the sewing machine and the inner portion of the sewing machine contains a lot of lint or small tangled up pieces of thread. These lints or threads build up as you use your sewing machine and do not clean it often. You need to grab your screwdriver and open up the tension disks and start to brush off the inside portion of it.

Keep in mind that while you’re cleaning the tension disks, you can never use any sort of moisture or air. If moisture is trapped into the internal portion of the needle bar and the tension discs then you have put your machine into the risk of decaying. Hence, it is always important that you never use anything that either contains moisture or can trap moisture. For instance, air, if you use small vacuum tubes to suck out the dust and lint out the machine then it can trap moisture inside. This will result in damaging the machine.

While you are cleaning the needle bar, do not forget to clean out the bobbins. These are important as a lot of thread gets stuck in there.

The Second Step for Maintenance – Oiling

Oiling is just as important as cleaning. When thinking of sewing machine maintenance, oiling comes first. However, there are some ground rules for it. What are they? You need to first ensure which parts are suitable for oiling. For that, you can check your user manual guide of your sewing machine manufacturer. If you do not find it or have lost it then it is best to contact them via mobile or visit their website to check if the parts you’re considering to oil are a good choice. You may find that a lot of manufacturers out there do not recommend oiling. However, many professional sewers suggest that oiling your sewing machine can result in faster services and improvise the speed of your needle.

Now, where should you really be oiling on your sewing machine? The question isn’t tricky if you’ve already checked out your sewing machine manufacturer’s website or manual guide but if you haven’t, there’s nothing to panic about. Just follow this guide and you shall have a machine that works as smooth as butter.

Now that you’ve decided to oil your machine, don’t you think you should give a thought on what type of oil you’re considering to use? The number one mistake that many beginner sewers do is to use any sort of oil for a sewing machine. That is a big NO-NO. You can need to use cooking oil, Cosmetic Oil, Body oil, Hair oil, or just any type of oil that is not meant for machinery.

So what oil should you use? Well, there is a special type of oil in the market that you can find that is specifically made for a sewing machine. It comes in two forms. One is one based and the other one is gel-based. You can choose any of them according to your preference.

Here comes the real deal, now that you’ve made up your and got your oil ready now let us jump into the oiling part. Just like moisturizing your skin, the oiling machine can prevent a lot of damages but if you go overboard it can decay too so be careful. A tiny amount of nozzle drop in the shuttle hook in enough for you to run the sewing machine at a higher speed.

Sewing machine maintenance

The Third Step for Maintenance – Taking care of your machine on a regular basis

Previously we discussed how we can simply take oil and clean out our sewing machine. But do you think that is enough? No. Machinery is very sensitive it needs a proper balance of services.

The first and foremost thing you can do on a regular basis to take care of your sewing machine is to wipe the plastic covers or the metal covers with a glass cleaner, there are many that you can find out on the market. I personally recommend this step because at times you will notice that the oiling machine over and over again can open up a lot of chances of dirt to build up.

The compound of dust, lint, and oils can build up paste-like dirt on the outer surface of your machine. Which is very unhygienic. Therefore, it is important you take a soft cloth or a towel take a spray or take a few drops of the cleaner and clean the out parts. You shall end up having a squeaky clean machine by the end of this step. After this you can always cover your machine will a sewing machine cover to protect it from dust. You can either make one for yourself or buy one from the market.


Apart from all the necessary steps mentioned, it is always a good idea to get your sewing machine serviced monthly. It is somewhat like a doctor’s checkup for your sewing machine. You can contact your local dealer or your sewing machine manufacturer for this. The importance of this lies in the way they professionally handle the machine in ways you wouldn’t even know. So if it’s on your budget, at least once a year, we suggest you give it a try.

Maintaining a sewing machine should be just as important as cleaning it. There’s no running away from that. Whether sewing is your passion or just a hobby not taking take caring of it and leaving your machine to decay is always a waste of money. Hence this article was very important for you to read if you happen to own a sewing machine.

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